Everything starts with the equipment quality, from high speed printers to sublimation presses. And then high-quality inks and papers to color matching profiles. We are proud to say, because of our customers comments, we have one of the best colors in the industry.


These high standards have been attained by having a control humidity and environment room, highly consistent inks and sublimation paper, quality equipment and dedicated experienced personnel that takes pride on what they do. We learn about the customers needs and goals and go through all available options together.


Once we’re ready we’ll conduct tests to ensure color consistency and accurate setting. If all tests passed, we summit for approval, after approval it’s full speed to production and delivery.




Our State-of-the-art facility is located Miami, Florida and uses the latest in print and fabrication technology. Being on the printing and garment manufacturing we are doing our part to ensure all our products are eco and environmentally friendly.


The printing room is under humidity and environment control to ensure color consistency with emphasis on quality. Our modern facility, proven team and multi-phase manufacturing approach gives us the ability to turn goods in a few days much quicker than the competition at competitive prices.


In addition to our commitment to the environment all our products are MADE IN THE USA.